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What is your room capacity?

Our Clubhouse can comfortably accommodate up to 175 guests for a seated dinner or 200 guests for a cocktail-type reception.

When should we book the date?

As soon as possible!  The date of the Event will be reserved (“Save the Date”) upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 – the date is not guaranteed until the balance of the Event deposit of $1,000.00 has been paid in the form of cash, personal check, money order or credit card.  Use of credit card for payment is accepted only for these initial deposits – all subsequent payments are to be made by personal check, cash or money order. (Please Note:  This deposit is good only for the originally-reserved date and Event – it cannot be transferred to another date or Event.)   

Do you have a Bridal Suite?

We have a small space in both ladies’ and men’s restrooms for the bridal parties to freshen up.  These facilities are shared with the golfers and other patrons of Diamond Hawk. We recommend our brides come in with hair and makeup already done and just get dressed and do the finishing touches at our facility.

What services does the wedding package room rental fee include?

Included in the wedding package room rental fee is seven (7) hours’ room rental time with a ceremony and six (6) hours for reception only.  House chairs, silverware, plates and glassware are included.  Placement of standard assembled wedding favors, table centerpieces, place-cards and white standard linen table cloths and napkins are included (colors may be rented upon request for an additional fee).

You may choose to rent additional items (chairs, chair covers, pleated or ruffled table skirts, decor items, specialty glassware and plates, up-lighting, photo booths, etc.) to decorate and customize your Event. Please discuss any additional items you plan to bring with our Director of Events during the planning process.

Are other events ever scheduled the same day or at the same time?

We can host multiple Events on the same day, but only one Event at a time.  All clients have access to their venue for one (1) hour prior to their Event to set up and/or add finishing touches.  Clients have 30 minutes after Event to gather their belongings before Diamond Hawk staff begins preparations for the next scheduled Event.  During your Event, you will have our staff’s full attention.

Are pictures allowed on the course?

Photo access is available at pre-determined areas of the golf course, with a limited number of complimentary golf carts for use by the bridal party.  Since ongoing golf play must stop while photographs are being taken, it is necessary to schedule (through the Director of Events) a set time and exact location for your photos.  Note:  Heels may be worn on the fairway only if high heel caps are used.  Heels cannot be worn on the greens.

 What about the golfers?

We do have a beautiful 18-hole golf course at our facility.  Golfers may be golfing that day and will have access to the Pro Shop and restrooms.  Golfers are not allowed in the dining room, bar or patio area during your Event.

 Do we have to set up our own decor?

You do not have to!  Our staff will set up all standard decorations such as centerpieces, place-cards (must be in alphabetical order), guest book, card box and favors.  Please remove all items from their original packaging, remove labels, clean the items and have them ready to display as provided. If any items are glass or of a delicate nature, please make sure they are clean and brought in appropriate safe wrapping to protect against damage.  Any extensive decor that takes extra set up time for inside our room and/or outside of the building (i.e. a ceremony arbor, trellis decor, chair covers and ribbons) is the responsible of the client, or our staff could do it for an extra charge.  Chairs and accompanying decor, walkway runner, etc. for an outside ceremony are typically set up by the rental service you have chosen.  Specialty lighting or drapery should be set up by your vendor at a time arranged with our Director of Events. Please keep in mind that we do not have a steamer available for linens brought in for the Event.  Special linens should be brought in pressed and ready for placement.

Can we decorate the front entry steps?

Yes, but care should be taken to ensure décor/decorations are not set up in a way that would pose a tripping hazard to guests, nor prevent clear and unobstructed access to steps, railings, doors, etc. The Director of Events will work with you on ideas and the best ways to utilize the outdoor space. Decorating the patio is welcomed if planned in advance.

What are your restrictions on decorations?

Clients are encouraged to customize their Event to create their desired atmosphere.  However, we do have certain restrictions, as follows:

  • Only votive candles and candles in enclosures may be used to decorate your Event.  Battery-operated candles are recommended.
  • Gum is not permitted on candy tables, as favors or in bathroom baskets.
  • Decorations are not allowed that leave any kind of damage or residue on the walls, ceilings, or furniture.  This includes (but is not limited to) tape, tacks, staples, floating lanterns, confetti, glitter, silly string, or other potentially damaging adhesives inside or outside Diamond Hawk facility, patio, lawn, parking lot or golf course.
  • No use of bottle rockets, firecrackers, fireworks or any other in-air objects (i.e., live birds, balloon releases, drones) are allowed anywhere on Diamond Hawk property.
  • All decorations must be taken down and removed from the premises immediately following the conclusion of your Event, unless prior arrangements have been made with our Director of Events.  Similarly, no items may be stored on Diamond Hawk property.
  • Diamond Hawk is not responsible for any decorations that remain after completion of your Event.  Facility must be left in a clean manner after decorations have been removed.

When should we bring and take home our items?

A meeting time should be set with the Director of Events to drop off personal items and discuss placement and set-up details. Decor should be dropped off no earlier than 2 days prior to Event date. All personal belongings should be removed from the venue the night of the Event.  It is recommended that a close family member or friend be designated to oversee all décor, especially items of value, such as card box, gifts or family photographs. Please confirm with our Director of Events and applicable vendor(s) as to when rented items will be removed – if not immediately following the Event, then by the next day. Diamond Hawk is not responsible for any damage to rented or personal items exposed to the outdoors (weather, rain, etc.) for an outdoor ceremony or as part of the Event on the lawn area.

What do we need to consider if we are planning an outside ceremony?

Diamond Hawk has a picturesque lawn area, overlooking the golf course that will make a beautiful setting for your outdoor ceremony.  We welcome your ideas and will plan with you to create the ceremony you envision.  For example, past clients have rented chairs, an arbor, a tent, red-carpet runner walkway, musicians, pedestals for large floral arrangements, a table for the officiant, personal items special to you, etc.  Our Director of Events will work with you and your vendor(s) regarding placement, delivery, access to the lawn area, setup and pickup of all equipment and supplies used to ensure a unique, individualized outdoor ceremony.

Please keep in mind that Mother Nature could impact an outdoor Event.  Although acts of nature have been known to make a ceremony special and/or memorable, this may not always be the case – you should be prepared for the unexpected. We recommend any equipment be designed for outdoor use. Wind, rain, bird droppings, the occasional squirrel who might “investigate” the decor, etc., must be taken into consideration. (i.e., if you choose to have seat covers for your outdoor chairs, you may want to rent a couple additional just in case bird droppings happen before your Event starts). If the ceremony is planned to take place in sunshine, please plan with our Director of Events to have an alternate setting in mind in case it rains.  Also, prior to the Event, please identify to our Director of Events the person(s) and/or vendor(s) who will be responsible for delivery, set-up and removal of all equipment and when these activities will occur.  Setup and removal costs for rented items, as well as safeguarding other objects brought in for the ceremony, are the responsibility of the Client.  Personal items used in the ceremony should be entrusted to an individual who will assume full responsibility for placing those items prior to the ceremony and removal of those items upon conclusion of the ceremony.  Diamond Hawk is an open-to-the-public facility and is not responsible for items (rented or personal) left outside that may be adversely affected by weather, natural events, vandalism or theft.

 Do we have use of any outside space?

Our outside patio area is open for you and your guests to enjoy.  The green space immediately adjacent to the patio space can be utilized for ceremonies.  You can work with our Director of Events as to which spaces are available for your use.  We will gladly incorporate your creative ideas into our plan to make the best use of outdoor space.

Can we set up a tent for outside use?

Yes, you can. Please discuss size, style, location, location access by vendor, setup/removal schedule and plans for use with your Director of Events in advance.  If needed, we can recommend a vendor for this service.

Can we have musicians outside for our ceremony?

Absolutely!  Prior arrangements must be coordinated with our Director of Events as to location, electrical service if needed, arrival/set-up times and size of the group. Length of play and type of music will also need to be settled in advance, as we could have golfers on the course at that time.

Do you offer any outdoor items for our ceremony?

Due to the individuality of each Event, Diamond Hawk does not stock chairs, an arbor, or other items for use in outdoor ceremonies.  Typically, such items are rented by the Client and delivered, set-up, and removed by their vendor under Diamond Hawk guidelines. Please discuss with our Director of Events all items you are planning to bring to set up for an outdoor ceremony.  Our Director of Events will work with you to identify reputable and properly insured vendor(s) to provide those special items for your special day.

Do you allow outside catering?

Diamond Hawk has a fully-staffed kitchen, with an Executive Chef, Sous Chef and other culinary professionals, and does not allow outside catering.  All food items must be purchased through Diamond Hawk and served by Diamond Hawk staff. 

Only desserts and the wedding cake may be brought in from an outside source.  We ask that any perishable items be delivered the day of your Event.  We do not offer refrigeration space and cannot be responsible for the freshness of your desserts.

Do you offer food tastings?

Food tastings can be scheduled to sample menu options for $75/tasting. Tastings include 3 entrees, 2 starches and 1 vegetable. Tastings are prepared for 2 guests.  Additional guests may attend for an extra charge, but must be arranged in advance with the Director of Events.  Tastings must be scheduled during the regular season (April 15 – October 15), and a signed contract for the Wedding must be in place.

What if my guests have dietary restrictions? 

This is no problem, providing there is sufficient notice.  Menus can be customized to accommodate your dietary preferences and/or needs.  Our Chef will need two weeks’ advance notice with details of the restriction(s) and number of guests with such restrictions.  Identification on table seating place-cards would be helpful for our staff, and guests with restrictions should inform their table server at the time they initially sit down for dinner service.

Do you have special policies regarding the serving of alcohol?

  • All alcohol must be purchased through Diamond Hawk and must be served by Diamond Hawk staff.
  • “Shots” and/or “doubles” will not be served.
  • Alcohol will not be served after12am.
  • No outside alcohol may be brought onto the premises.  If any is found, it will be confiscated.
  • If you choose not to purchase an alcohol package, you will be required to purchase a non-alcoholic beverage option to provide for your Event.

When can we book a time for rehearsal for our Ceremony?

For ceremonies taking place at Diamond Hawk, it is necessary to schedule the rehearsal date and time three (3) weeks prior to the Event, to ensure that the venue and staff are available for the desired rehearsal time.

When are Final Counts and Final Payment due?

Final menu selection and guaranteed number of guests must be determined 10 days prior to your Event to allow sufficient time for our Executive Chef and Director of Events to properly prepare.  The guaranteed number of guests will be the number for which you will be charged, even if fewer guests attend your Event.  If attendance is greater than the guaranteed number of guests, you will be charged for the total number served. Diamond Hawk can accommodate up to 5% above the guaranteed number of guests. Any food items left at the end of the Event must remain on the premises – NYS Health Codes do not allow Diamond Hawk-prepared banquet foods to be removed from the facility.

Payment in full for the guaranteed number of guests is due 2 days prior to the Event, and will be accepted only in the form of cash, personal check, bank draft or money order.  Payment by credit card is not acceptable for final payment.    Payment for additional guests and/or expanded services that occur after the Event commences is due in full upon the conclusion of the Event.  Checks or other payment documents should be made payable to Diamond Hawk Hospitality

What happens when Guests arrive early for an Event?

Please discuss with our Director of Events how Diamond Hawk staff should direct guests who arrive early for your Event. You should consider whether your guests should have access to the Event room prior to the commencement of the Event or whether the room should remain closed.  Unless otherwise arranged, any beverage or food service directly requested by guests who arrive prior to the scheduled beginning of your Event will be served on a cash basis.  If you are having both your ceremony and reception at Diamond Hawk, please discuss with our Director of Events where you would like arriving guests to be directed prior to the ceremony. We want to be sure that your guests enjoy your Event just as much as you anticipated.

What happens if my guests are late for dinner?

Any guests arriving late for dinner will be served the course that is being served at that time and any course thereafter.

What is Diamond Hawk’s smoking policy?

Diamond Hawk is a smoke-free facility – smoking allowed outside only.  Smokers are requested to keep walkways clear and not block entry into the building.

Are there nearby accommodations?

Being so conveniently located near the NYS Thruway and Buffalo Niagara International Airport, there is a wide variety of well-known, high quality hotels in the area for you and your guests to stay.

Is the facility handicapped accessible?

Yes we are!  Two entries can accommodate handicapped needs – (1) Pro Shop side door, and (2) Main Hall rear entrance.  Doors are identified.  If desired, please discuss your guest’s needs with our Director of Events.

What if the Event is cancelled before its scheduled date?

If Client cancels the Event at any time following the signing of the contract, all deposits are non-refundable.  If Client cancels the Event within 3 months prior to the Event date, Client is responsible for paying 50% of the amount designated as anticipated cost at the time contract was signed.  If Diamond Hawk cancels the Event through no action on the Client’s part, all deposits and payments will be returned in full.

Do you have enough parking?

We have ample, convenient parking in our parking lot – enough to accommodate Event guests and our golfers!  If desired, valet parking can be arranged with an outside vendor.

What happens at the conclusion of an Event?

As soon as the Event’s scheduled end time occurs, Diamond Hawk staff will subtly begin removing and/or rearranging items in preparation for the next day’s business.  Approximately 20 minutes after the scheduled conclusion, service ware will be taken away, tablecloths will be removed, house lighting will come on and general cleanup will commence.  Typically, a designated person from the wedding party will be taking away personal items and decor at this time, and the band or DJ will be removing their equipment.  This would also be the time to make final payment if additional charges were incurred during the Event.

What are your terms regarding pricing?

A minimum of $ 7,000.00 in food and beverage cost is required for any Wedding Reception.  A housekeeping fee, room rental fee, 20% Administrative Fee and New York State Sales Tax will be applied after the food and beverage cost has been determined.

All prices are subject to change to meet increases in costs of supplies, food, beverages and labor.  Final pricing for an Event will be established with the signed contract for an Event taking place in the current calendar year. For Events booked for an upcoming calendar year, contract prices will be established by January 1st of the Event year.  (Please note that most price changes are modest unless there has been a significant change in market price for an item, or a significant increase in labor cost due to governmental regulations.)

Are there any additional fees we should be aware of?

An Administrative Fee of 20% will be added to the Event’s total cost for Food and Beverage plus Room Rental. In order for your Event to take place, numerous Diamond Hawk staff members are involved, including the Director of Events, Executive Chef, banquet servers, bartenders, kitchen personnel, grounds crew, housekeeping and managers. The Administrative fee is applied toward such venue costs, and includes gratuities paid to the servers working your Event (in accordance with minimum wage requirements defined per NYS law).  New York State sales tax of 8.75% is applied to the Total Cost (that includes the Administrative Fee).

Thank you for considering Diamond Hawk as the venue for your special day!  If you have further questions, please contact our Director of Events, who will be very happy to assist you!

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